Get More Leads

The perfect kind of customers for your business are searching Google every day for the solutions to their problems. These are BUYERS that typically call the first listing they see on Google. You want to be that business.


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Get More Sales

Businesses listed on the front page of Google are viewed as more trusted and authoritative by potential customers. More trust and more authority attracts more of the right kind of customers - which means more sales.

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Get More Profits

More qualified traffic and more sales = more profits. The more profits you make, the more you can work on your business instead of in it. You can grow, help more people and take care of what is most important to you.

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SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Businesses listed on the first page of a Google Search get 94% of all the online traffic. If there are 1000 people searching a month in your city for your services, the businesses listed on the front page get a chance at 940 potential customers – a MONTH. Our proprietary system gets your business listed on the front page of Google and in front of the right customers.

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Social Media Marketing

SEO brings you leads and helps create customers; social media helps spread the word, build referals and helps keep your current customers longer. 46% of web users look towards social media for recommendations when making purchases.

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Email Marketing

Whether it is leads, past customers or present customers – if you have an email list, you are sitting on a potential gold mine of future, consistent sales. All you need is an automatic e-mail marketing plan and you can create new revenue streams almost overnight.

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Web Design & Customization

The purpose of your website is to be a virtual salesperson, creating leads, converting sales and positively representing your business and brand 24/7.We build websites that blend style and functionality for rankings, sales and branding.

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Reputation Management

95% of smartphone users use their phones for local search; 85% of ALL users online search for a local business BEFORE visiting. One bad review on Yelp or another social property can cost thousands in lost sales and customers.You have to play offense and be proactive when it comes to your online reputation.

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Video Marketing

100 million people a day are watching video online. 64% of website visitors are more likely to buy after watching a video. Part of our Total Online Domination strategy is to have a video for your business ranking on page 1 of search for your market.

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Customized Search Engine Optimization & Internet Marketing Solutions

You are busy. If you are like most business owners, you have no idea how to get your business to show up in search engines or the eye-popping amount of people searching online for your services every single month. Let us do it for you and attract more customers to your business like bees to honey.

When you have multiple spots on the front of the search engines, you get more free traffic. Because we get your website, business listings, social media and videos ranking it makes it tough for your competition to compete with you online.

You are the best in your market.You deliver the best to your customers.You want to get the most out of your business so you can take care of your team, yourself and your family.That's the kind of people we want to help get found and get chosen. Find out how you can do this with us.

Total Digital Marketing Domination

If you aren't dominating the front pages of the search engines, it means your competitors are and they are getting the lion's share of the customers in your area - and you are NOT.

There are potential customers in your market searching online every day for the perfect solution to their problems that your business provides - do you know what words they are using to try and find the services you provide? If you don't, you need to know - right now.

Imagine a solution to your marketing problems that completely changed the number of qualified people consistently calling and visiting your business - how would that change your business and your life?

Imagine that this solution was repeatable, trackable and has an ROI on your investment that is many times greater than any other form of marketing for your business right now; the only way you could say "no" is if you didn't want to grow your business.

What makes us different is we take only the "best of the best" from Internet marketing and create a customized marketing solution for your business that helps you dominate your market online.

We only work with one business per market, so if you don't act now - your competition might.

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Supercharge Your Internet Marketing

If you are looking for ways to get more customers in the Southern California area - Our company specializes in creating marketing systems that consistently brings new traffic, leads, sales and customers to your business.

We have over a decade of experience in search engine optimization, web design, social media marketing, reputation management, e-mail marketing, video marketing and direct response marketing with page one rankings on the search engines in over 80 markets and growing. We can get your website and other online properties showing up at the top of search engines.

What Makes Supercharged Systems Different

Cutting Edge Methods - Google only wants to rank the highest quality content at the top of search results. Many cheaters try to fool Google into ranking their properties highly by using low-quality businesses, sites and content to game the system. We only build and use the highest quality sources available and are partnered with some of the best SEO experts in the world, many of who are the creators of the "industry Best Practices" for search engine marketing.

As a premier Southern California SEO agency, we will help create and deliver your business content in such a way that you'll be viewed as a trusted expert in your market and be rewarded with more traffic online.

Created By a Business Owner, for Business Owners - our founder was once a bricks and sticks retail service business owner for over eighteen years. He created Supercharged Systems to be the kind of digital marketing agency that he needed when he was in the trenches. No technical jargon, no long-term contracts, no sales pressure, no getting handed off to someone you've never met after becoming a client and most importantly, open communication and 100% focus on ROI and results.

Customized Online Marketing Systems - there is no ONE "Magic Marketing Bullet" that cures your marketing woes; it is about using the "best of the best" of all available online marketing tools, combining and then customizing them into a marketing machine that is perfect for your business. When done correctly, you get a customer and profit-producing machine that runs almost on autopilot, regardless the economy.

Here’s How It Works

First you fill out our Discovery Form, so that we have all the information we need to perform what we call our Supercharged Online Physical.

We are going to find out the best search terms and amount of traffic in your market, where are you ranking, what are you ranking for, what properties do you have listed and more. We are going to check the health of your website for glaring problems or unknown penalties that may be hurting it.

We'll check to see if your is site built properly for your brand, ranking and for turning visitors in qualified leads and then customers. Just like going to the doctor, we are going to check your website from head to toe.

By the end, we are going to have a complete picture of where you stand, what needs to be done and a strategy to move forward.

Next, we are going to build (or re-engineer) your site from the ground up to maximize branding, search engine domination and creating profitable customers. Then we will attack your market from multiple angles, using multiple tools including your website to dominate your market online.

Once your foundation is built and our systems are in place, you are going to wake up and find that your business has multiple rankings on the front page of search for the best search terms in your market. Many of our customers report that this is when it feels like someone out rocket fuel in their marketing, because business starts to take off.

Do You Think You are Ready to Supercharge Your Business?

If you are a Sharp Business Owner who is:

  • Tired of always chasing new business
  • Sick of constantly worrying about where your next sale is going to come from
  • Weary from the stress of trying to come up with ways to generate more business
  • Looking for a consistent stream of qualified leads coming to your website
  • Ready to explode your traffic, leads, sales and profits
  • Ready to dominate your competition online...

Then you might be a good fit for us.

To find out how to get started, click on the button below to fill out our Discovery Form.

But - don't delay; we only work with one business per market. Contact us before your competition does...


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