From Nowhere Online to Dominating My Local Market
From Nowhere Online to Dominating My Local Market

We first met Bill when he called us to clean his carpets. Apparently his cat had sprayed several places throughout his house and no other carpet cleaners could get out the smell.

Perry went and cleaned his carpets, removed all the stains and cat urine smell (which most people believe is impossible to do once a cat has sprayed carpets) and Bill was thrilled.

While Perry was there, Bill checked up on our website and marketing. The timing was perfect because at the time, our website was not showing up anywhere, our phones were not ringing, business was down and Perry was at an all-time high of frustration with marketing and other so-called “marketing experts”.

Perry was frustrated because he didn’t understand marketing, how websites worked, if he did or didn’t own his web listings, how to get listed online and he was sick of getting roped into programs from telemarketers selling Yelp or other paid searches.

Bill took the time as his carpets were getting cleaned to show Perry what was wrong with his website, online marketing and more. In less than five minutes, he uncovered a major problem on our site that was throttling our traffic, which was killing our incoming phone calls and leads.

Perry started off on one small project with Bill and it delivered results, ranking on page one of Google in a week! From there, we hired him to do a “marketing makeover”; he completely re-engineered our website, content, positioning, and offers – the whole enchilada. By the time he was done, we had THREE spots on page one for our most competitive search term, plus page one listings for our other services, too.

He recently went back and upgraded our site again – now we have 21 search terms on the front page of Google, plus he was able to improve our Yelp listing so it ranks top 5 as well!

On top of that, we have control and ownership of all our websites, local directory listings and more. No more being held captive by some marketing service or Yelp for our web traffic.

When we started with Bill, we only had one truck, one employee and I was working another job. Now, we have four trucks, four employees and I have been able to quit my job and join Perry working in the business.

More importantly, I have more time to be home with our daughter, Lindsay and our marriage has never been better.

We are very happy with all these results. The one thing not mentioned that we are grateful for is that Bill treats our business like it is his own. He is very responsive and cares about our success. He hasn’t been just “another guy” we hired.

It’s nice to feel that someone is a part of your team and not some hired gun or faceless entity.

If anyone needs help with their sales and marketing systems, I give Bill and his company two thumbs up. We are very thankful he’s on our team.

Perry & Laurie Fisser
Owners, Surfside Carpet

The Consumate Direct Marketing and Digital Marketing Guru
The Consumate Direct Marketing and Digital Marketing Guru

Bill is the consummate direct response marketing guru.

Bill possesses exemplary talent and experience as a direct response marketing expert and exudes the rare ability to brand you, your company and products and services that will make your cash register ring.

Bill possesses a rare combination of experiences and philosophies from business, the military, music and martial arts that makes him exceptional in in everything he does.

His commanding discipline and relentless energy as a meritorious U.S Marine, 5th degree black belt and serial entrepreneur starting several businesses gives Bill those intangible qualities that make him great at doing what he does best - helping businesses accelerate new client acquisition and revenue generation.

I have seen Bill in action , from creating marketing systems from the ground up with new smartphone solar battery charger products for a global start-up company, marketing martial arts, health and wellness, all the way to professional services, the results are always the same – exceptional performance and breakthrough results.

If you are looking for an intelligent, highly qualified, self-motivated, and trustworthy sales and marketing business partner to help you take your business to the next level, I would highly recommend that you make Bill and Supercharged Systems a part of your team.

C. Brian Conners, MBA, CFP

Highly Recommended for Anyone Who Needs Business Marketing Systems and Coaching
Highly Recommended for Anyone Who Needs Business Marketing Systems and Coaching

We first met Bill when he came to train with Erik at our CSW World Headquarters.

During that training, Erik learned Bill had a background in business and marketing, particularly marketing online, which was something we were always doing with our business and products.

At the time, we had several parts to our business; our physical storefront business, a licensing rights program, partners, informational DVD’s, and a seminar business.

We decided to do a two hour consultation with Bill. He sat down with us and asked meticulous questions about where we were in business, where we wanted to go, what we wanted the businesses to look like in the future; he asked us what our “pain points” were with our businesses now, what things we felt we needed help with and more.

The whole time, he asked, listened and took detailed notes, as well as offered ideas and solutions that we could implement right away. It was only supposed to be a two hour session, but we ran long because we were covering so much ground and getting solutions as we went.

Bill said he would send a follow up document with recommended strategies after the meeting. To say it was just a “follow-up document” is quite the understatement; it was an 18 page blueprint with exactly the outcomes we had talked about wanting for every aspect of our business!

Bill went through each and every one of our business lines and laid out a step-by-step checklist of things for us to do to consolidate, systemize, market and build our businesses, particularly our online products sales and membership sites. He even had recommendations and plan of action for helping us move on from a partnership that was no longer working that was draining time, money and happiness from our lives.

Since we have worked together and he provided that outline, we have taken those ideas and run with them. Today our storefront business is larger and more profitable than ever, we have moved on from the unproductive partnership and our online business is booming.

We stay in touch with Bill and he is always checking up on us, asking us how is business and letting us know he is there to help if needed. One of the things we noticed about Bill – besides his passion for business, marketing and martial arts – is that he is a relationship kind of guy; he isn’t just a hired gun, but he builds a relationship with you, gets to know you and goes above and beyond the scope of just doing business with you.

We are very happy to have worked with him and would highly recommend his services to anyone who wants and needs coaching with their business and marketing systems.

Erik & Tonya Paulson
Owners, Combat Submission Wrestling World Headquarters

One of the Most Energetic and Creative People I Have Met
One of the Most Energetic and Creative People I Have Met

Bill has been a blessing to know. He is one of the most energetic and creative people I've met in the last 10 years that I've been doing marketing and consulting.

I've personally witnessed him come up with a full game plan for several businesses in a matter of minutes. Plans that have since turned around their model and become more profitable. often times within just a couple weeks.

If your business needs a boost, whether with online and offline marketing, SEO, site design, increasing your bottom line, your visibility or business consulting to give your profits a super-charged shot in the arm, Bill is the man to talk to.

Tim Black

Added Well Over Six Figures to Our Bottom Line
Added Well Over Six Figures to Our Bottom Line

I have known and worked with Bill for 23 years in various business ventures.

23 years is a long time, so that should tell you something about how Bill operates; when he decides to work with you he's in it for the long haul.

When we started working together on our last project, we were re-branding a national company with 75-plus locations in five different states. We were splitting away from another company and starting off brand-new - no marketing materials, no websites, no nothing.

With limited resources, all of us - Bill and his company included - went to work to rebuild our company.

Along the way, Bill was there, helping to create marketing strategies and plans, coordinate monthly promotions, encourage the staff at our locations to take advantage of all the marketing and technology programs we were rolling out and more.

He participated in corporate strategy meetings and worked with our technology department as we had a custom management software system created to operate all of our locations, coordinate billing, marketing and more.

He assisted with all of this - all while working on our online presence.

Today, we are nationally ranking for our main keyword terms but more importantly, we are ranking on the front page of Google for every single one of our 70+ locations in their local markets.

Bill's efforts have directly contributed to an average of 116 leads per month coming into our business, along with he helped launch one of the most successful and profitable promotional campaigns in our company history. His efforts have directly contributed well into the six figures to our bottom line.

Bill and his company continue to work closely with us as we grow and deal with the issues that come with being the combination of a start-up when it comes to funding and marketing systems.

Bill is down-to-earth, funny, irreverent, laser-focused on your success and driven. With his background in The Marines, he will tell you what you need to hear whether you want to hear it or not, but always from the heart.

Full disclosure: after all this time together working on various projects, he and I are close friends. I trust him without question, will have him work with me on any future businesses and strongly encourage anyone looking for a marketing master to consider Bill and his company.

Kris Eszlinger
Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios